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Two and a half decades back, it was very rare to hear anyone in Ghana being celebrated for their contribution and hard work in their fields of endeavor, for fear of being victimized. This was quite similar in many other African countries.


The youth had no role models to look up to, no leads for entrepreneurial and leadership research data. Our youth, however, had more knowledge about Western history that their own. In the early ’90s, there was a familiar phrase discretely used - “low profile”. Successful businessmen and women, academics and advocates, had to keep their accomplishments secret largely because your earned successes were deemed acquired illegally. There was a notion that if seen doing well, one could be incarcerated. Having returned to Ghana after a 20-year stay in the United States of America where I witnessed several awards and prize initiatives recognizing and celebrating excellence, I thought it was time to change that narrative and stigma.


After several consultations, I was reluctantly advised to go ahead but tread cautiously. In the year 2000, we hosted our first grand Millennium Excellence Awards, very much like the Oscars Awards in the USA or the Nobel Prize. It was instantly embraced and since then, we’ve not looked back.


Our Mission: “Preparing a future for our Youth whilst recognizing Excellence to Transform Communities in Africa”


We since then hosted 9 major Awards programs and recognized over 120 distinguished citizens around the globe. We initiated countless youth initiatives however we haven’t been able to execute them due to lack of funding all these years.

ASHIM MORTON - Founder of Millenium Excellence Foundation

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