Recreating a safe, pure and conducive
environment for all

While many parts of the world take stock of their achievements in sustainable environmental practices, Africa is still facing challenges with basic environmental issues such as drains, sewage systems, and solid waste.

Over 60 percent of the population still lacks access to basic sanitation facilities like toilets; a situation which has resulted in millions of people openly defecating into gutters and the shores of beaches every day.

The Millennium Excellence Foundation employs experienced Team of WASH experts that together with Global Partners, provide services to the public and private sector in addition to multi-national NGO such as the World Bank, African Development Bank, Consumer Groups and other like agencies in the areas of:

Research and Development, Consulting Services, Advisory and Management Services, Training, Hosting of Forums and Conferences, and Advocacy and Implementations of Projects in the Agro Sector.​

The Millennium Excellence Foundation’s WASH sector is led by a President who executes the various departments for the Africa Region.

At MEF, We give attention to the need for proper hygienic standards of living.


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